Bahrain: Nailing the Lie in Washington’s Rhetoric on “The Arab Spring”

US ally Bahrain continued its crackdown against popular calls for democratic
rights with the illegal arrest and detention this week of prominent journalist
and commentator Jaffar Al Alawy.

To date, nearly 100 journalists, poets, bloggers and media figures have been targeted for detention by the Persian Gulf oil kingdom since pro-democracy protests erupted there last
February, according to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. The detainees have
claimed gross ill-treatment and torture while in custody – independently verified by several international human rights groups. Two respected media figures, Zakariya Al Aushayri and Karim Fakhrawi, have died during detention, their bodies showing undeniable signs of brutality.

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Global Research November 10, 2011

Global Research, November 10, 2011