Royal bigotry

Translation and comments by: The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights
October 2006

The first poem is written by Shaikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa (a prominent poet and member of the ruling family), while the second poem is a response written by Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, who is now Minister of the Royal Court.
The second poem, that contains deeply hateful and defamatory remarks, reveals the policy which was practiced during the nineties towards the local Shi’a uprising (killing and forced exile), and the current secret policy (marginalization in politics and society) which has been uncovered, documented and leaked last month by a British consultant to the government, Dr. Salah Al-Bander.

The first poem: Written by Shaikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa (a prominent member of the ruling family)


What this rumpus is about that
The Sons of Marhoon & Shubber (the Shi’a) are making
On a daily basis, villages are engulfed with fires
with no fear from the police nor the regime
Oh Shaik! if they were after the rule
On us, it would be the biggest blows
The rule won’t fit them no matter how they cry
We’ll fight them with our mercenaries when hardship demands
We lived with them years and centuries long
But they never aided us in battles and grieves
Our soldiers are coming from abroad
And assist us with vessels and convoys
And we see no help from the sons of Shubber
And our hope in them life long was false
When difficulties crumbled on them, they get terrified
Non of them will stand wars
We went to the far lands of Arabs seeking help
As we only knew them but not our neighbors
The Al-Ajam (Persians) stepped on them, they continued beseeching
And none of them raised a voice of objection
Portuguese (during Portuguese possession of Bahrain 1512-1621) made their women to be pregnant
By hunting and raping their women in desolated places
With ignominy, they still walk about
And for the said reasons their eyes are greened
Those under utter mortification would kneel down
And live their world as humbled and unsuccessful
Show them the intensity and always beware
Don’t let your country be plundered
They all came swimming from Jesha (name of a village in Saudi Arabia)
And from Qateef (name of a town in Saudi Arabia) and from every desolated places.
All of them are foreigners who came (to Bahrain) begging from us,
The house of Al-Otoob (Al-Khalifa’s root) who are the people of generosity and bestowals
Their history is known by all
And you are against and petrified in the war days


This second poetry is a response written by Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, Minister of the Royal Court:

I possess the remedy of the sons of Shobber & Marhoon (the Shi’a)
Oh, Abo-Mohamed, oh the provider of good news to his beloved ones
We shall deport them to Howar, Jenan and Noon islands
As to their earnings, they fit for fishing
With a shining and sharp sward
We spill their bloods until they all die
They carry no value and they won’t boost irrespective to their numbers
They are busters who would strive for cunning and blows
We’ll stop their annual processions in the streets
As their poems throws us insults
We must remove them from every sensitive position
As the days showed us their weird actions
They want to rule this country for being majority
Their excessive numbers hopefully is exploited to looting
They never in all life ruled nor thought of it too
Only served as a farmer and riding donkeys
They never in all life defended damned enemy (Qatar & Bahrain issue)
As they were cowered and losers
They never in all life dived with those diving
In deep blue seas full of difficulties
Once they reached positions, at which they looked down on others
And once they tasted the essence of power they sought to be insolent
Oh, our victorious Shaikh, we self-sacrifice, but don’t be with them easy
It wouldn’t add any value once they reached their goals
You have standing by vicious strong warriors
That you only need to order them for the wars