Western expatriate community & Khalifa bin Salman

——————- Message regarding the Western Expatriate Council READ BELOW

Subject: Urgent Message regarding the Western Expatriate Council

Dear Member,

Please see the following message from Andrew Stephenson, Chairman of the Western Expatriate Council.

If you would like to be part of the delegation to visit HRH the Prime Minister, please respond direct to Bahrain_Expat@hotmail.com, copied to britclub@batelco.com.bh, with the following details: Club name: British Club Name: Nationality: CPR number: Mobile phone: Email address: Thank you.

The British Club of Bahrain PO Box 26401 Manama Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17728245 Fax: 17728087 Email: britclub@batelco.com.bh Website: http://www.britishclubbahrain.com ——————————————————————————–

Ladies & gentlemen,

I must ask for your help on a pressing matter. His majesty the King and HRH the Prime Minister have both expressed their wholehearted support for the concept of Expatriate Councils and the Prime Minister now wishes to meet members of the WESTERN expatriate community during this coming week. The date and time of the meeting are currently unclear but will be notified to us as soon as they are known and fixed.

As the ‘Western Expatriate Council’ we have been asked to compile the definitive invitation list of people who would like to visit the PM. I fully understand that given the time of year, the uncertainty of the time / date and the fact that people have real jobs it is going to be extremely difficult to get a decent sized group to attend, however, we really must try as this visit is very important for our credibility.

We are seeking at least TWO HUNDRED people for the visit and, as a starting point, it would be good if we could get a minimum of TWENTY nominations from each of the following twelve organisations. However, if you get to 20 confirmed names please do not stop there, keep going as there is no upper limit and we really are going to be struggling.

Our motto for the next 8 hours needs to be ‘As many as possible – There is no such thing as too many’

Yacht Club British Club Rugby Club Dilmun Club BBBF / OSAC Irish Society Australian Society Caledonian Society(s) Awali Cricket club Awali Camels (Cricket) Unaligned expatriates and people who are not members of clubs or associations.

Members and families of the Western Expatriate Council working Group I will co-ordinate the lists of names using the Expat Council e-mail address (Bahrain_Expat@hotmail.com) and I have attached a standard proforma list.

I would be grateful if you would arrange to contact your members and return the lists to me as soon as possible today. It is foreseeable that the visit could take place as early as tomorrow (Monday), but of course I have no sure way of knowing this. I know that this is going to be a struggle, and it is bordering on an unreasonable demand, but we are where we are.

The fact that we are now the ‘Western Expatriate Council’ might help as it opens the door to inviting US, Canadian, antipodean and South African citizens along with all the Europeans. Of course children of a reasonable and controllable age are welcome. Dress code is as for the Royal visit two weeks ago, smart and presentable as befits a visit to a Prime minister and let common sense prevail.


Andrew Stephenson